Antiques Roadshow

9 07 2011
Antiques Roadshow by ajbbents
Antiques Roadshow, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Antiques Roadshow made its way to Minneapolis today, and I was lucky enough to snag a pair of tickets. My mother and I headed out, treasures in tow, to spend the whole afternoon standing in lines. Honestly some of the absolute best people (and stuff) watching I’ve ever had! There was a guy with a spear, one with a propeller, a gigantic carving of some seafarer with a tiny little barometer set in it, lots of beaten up chairs, small tables, paintings, mysterious things in rolling suitcases, boxes, and trash bags… Watching other people’s junk was probably the most fun.

Once we got past the initial waiting line, past the primary round of generalist categorizers, we weren’t allowed to take photos of anything, so I’ve only got really this one snap from that first area. None of our stuff was worth anything to speak of – at least not anything we hadn’t expected (a clock for $125, a tea crate for $50-75, etc.). The Minneapolis episode won’t air until after the new year. I’ll update when I know, though!

09 June 2011




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