summer reading

15 06 2011
summer reading by ajbbents
summer reading, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

*Impressed with The Help. It’s been on the NYT Bestseller list for a while now and deserves its spot.
*Blindness was a bookclub pick and another one that really forces you into a place you never thought you’d be, and a place you never really wanted to be. Really well done.
*And, I know everyone loved/loves The Year of Magical Thinking, but I’ve got to say, I’ve never met a memoir that wasn’t beyond self-indulgent. This was no exception. I read it because I felt like I needed to see what the big, hairy deal was. Not so impressed.
*I’m not too far into The Corrections yet – another bookclub pick, so I’m going to withhold judgement for the time being.
*The Namesake is another one that has had a whole lot of buzz, but I didn’t find my way to a copy until now. I’m hoping to get to it this summer too, but that may depend on how long the Franzen will take.
*Edgar Sawtelle is August’s bookclub book. I pulled the copy off my shelf (picked it up used quite a while ago) only to find that the back cover had become completely mildewed. Gross, gross, gross. Nothing around where it was is like that or damp or anything, but this one needs to go in the trash. Looks like August will be the kindle’s big debut.
*I also devoured a couple of books on the new device – just to give it a good honest try. I buzzed through Little Bee – what a great and engaging story. Really liked that one.
*And, I just finished Room by Emma Donoghue this afternoon. Wow. That one is not really for the super faint of heart, but is so so well done, and so uniquely executed. Definitely recommend it.
I just love summer reading – and thanks to kristin~mainemomma for starting the summer reading check-in! Loving hearing what everyone else is happening across this time around!

14 June 2011




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15 06 2011
Lindsey K

To bad you and Thomas can’t have a dinner chat about Blindness. Every time he started talking about it at the dinner table I had to make him stop. I have both The Help and Edgar Sawtelle on my list.

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