11 03 2010
069.365 soggy & foggy

069.365 soggy & foggy

Also, please take a look at this on black. It’s totally worth your time this time. I wouldn’t lie to you about this.

I get weather texts every morning from Minnesota Public Radio, and the last few days they’ve been using the “soggy & foggy” line. From the looks of the forecast for the next week or so, “soggy & foggy” will likely be making many many repeat appearances.

That said, as I was driving back from dropping K off after orchestra, the hazy fog hanging over St. Paul was really lovely. I didn’t have my tripod with me this time, so it’s a titch blurrier than I’d like. I’ll have to find another hazy evening and go back to this spot to get another shot. I like the eerie glow of it though.

10 March 2010

070.365 discarded

070.365 discarded

Not set up, I promise. Found this in the parking lot sitting just like this on my way out to the car.

11 March 2010
– alison




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12 03 2010

Totally worth looking at on black! Love it!

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