9 03 2010
067.365 intersection

067.365 intersection

This is going to be a fast week completely filled with busy-ness. It’s going to be a week of staying caught up rather than having time to attempt to flex the creativity. Maybe there’ll be a little extra time – a few spare moments – over the weekend. I’m really looking forward to spring and summer… having time to spend outside playing with natural light. Oh, I am certainly yearning for some beautiful natural light.

08 March 2010

068.365 monochrome

068.365 monochrome

It’s been awfully grey here lately. It thinks it’s trying to be spring (and really, spring in March in Minnesota?… fairly unheard of) and that means we’re in for at least a few grey and rainy days. I think it feels worse because the snow is all melty and dirty. If it’s going to be spring, I sure wish it’d make a prettier transition.

09 March 2010
– alison




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