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2 02 2010
032.365 a few more pages

032.365 a few more pages

This is the reason I’m uploading a day late. I had only about 40 pages left in this beautifully written novel, and I decided to finish it rather than uploading and blogging the photo. The photo was, however, taken yesterday evening. So we’re totally still in the game.

01 February 2010

033.365 tiny flakes

033.365 tiny flakes

The ground hog (whistle pig) saw his shadow, and we’re to get another 6 weeks of winter. Now, here’s the thing… if it’s really only 6 weeks of winter, that’s pretty good for these parts. We had snow yesterday afternoon, night, and into this morning. Right now they’re forecasting a “Manitoba Mauler” to hit us on SuperBowl Sunday… We’ll just have to wait and see. The way I feel, though, if it’s going to be dang cold, having some snow to show for it is pretty nice. Just for the heck of it, view on black.

02 February 2010
– alison




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3 02 2010

love this!

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