The part of me that was apprehensive is

9 07 2013

The part of me that was apprehensive is justified. The part of me that thought it’d be a snap is frustrated. May? Nope. June? Nope. So on we go, which is good, really. It’s fun. I’m liking it a lot more than I have in the last few years. I’m wanting it a hell of a lot more than I have in the last few years. June, though, was kind of a disappointment. That was going to be timed out just perfectly so that this imaginary child would arrive in March, I would take my two (plus) months of maternity leave, then Pat would be on summer break, and the kid would have a solid 5 months with at least one parent there all the time. Which would be awesome. It’s amazing how fast that little idyll gets wrapped up and tossed in the trash with the tampon wrappers.

So, we move on to July. And if it happens this month, then someday that kid’ll be able to count back and go, “Gross! You two did it on your anniversary! Ewwww!” And we’ll just chuckle and nod.



10 07 2011
panting by ajbbents
panting, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

I know it’s not perfectly in focus, but this happy, panting little, tongue has been a good companion to me this weekend. For some reason it felt like I did an awful lot of waiting around for one thing or another to happen or for someone to show up, or just standing in line. It’s been super humid and hot the last few days too, so it’s been netflix instant watch, with the AC blowing on me the whole time. Etta and I snuck outside for a little while this afternoon, but it wasn’t long before she was panting a ton and we both needed to get back inside. Fingers crossed for a break at least in the humidity soon!

10 July 2011

**edit: and just as I finished typing this up, my husband’s brass quintet that practices in our house started in on sleigh ride… 🙂

Antiques Roadshow

9 07 2011
Antiques Roadshow by ajbbents
Antiques Roadshow, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Antiques Roadshow made its way to Minneapolis today, and I was lucky enough to snag a pair of tickets. My mother and I headed out, treasures in tow, to spend the whole afternoon standing in lines. Honestly some of the absolute best people (and stuff) watching I’ve ever had! There was a guy with a spear, one with a propeller, a gigantic carving of some seafarer with a tiny little barometer set in it, lots of beaten up chairs, small tables, paintings, mysterious things in rolling suitcases, boxes, and trash bags… Watching other people’s junk was probably the most fun.

Once we got past the initial waiting line, past the primary round of generalist categorizers, we weren’t allowed to take photos of anything, so I’ve only got really this one snap from that first area. None of our stuff was worth anything to speak of – at least not anything we hadn’t expected (a clock for $125, a tea crate for $50-75, etc.). The Minneapolis episode won’t air until after the new year. I’ll update when I know, though!

09 June 2011

getting there

9 07 2011
getting there by ajbbents
getting there, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

4th for us

9 07 2011
4th for us by ajbbents
4th for us, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
My hubby sent these to me at the office today in celebration of our 4th anniversary. Here’s to many more!

07 July 2011


9 07 2011
femininity by ajbbents
femininity, a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
A prompt I missed from a number of weeks back over at [] Jan’s Focus 52. When I was spending my summers up in the northwoods of Minnesota, I kept my toenails painted while I was scrubbing around in jeans and t-shirts, getting dirty and doing a whole lot of manual labor to stay a little ladylike. Last summer I managed to have a pedicure every month or so to keep things shiny on my toes. Today, on July 6th, I’m finally getting around to painting my toes for the first time all summer! Need to keep this up 🙂 They look so much happier this way.

06 July 2011

A gift to myself.

9 07 2011
A gift to myself. by ajbbents
A gift to myself., a photo by ajbbents on Flickr.

I have been noticing that the photos I’m capturing day in and day out present my life, but they present an edited version. And, I don’t just mean a bit of sliding here and there. What I mean is that my life doesn’t consist of strolls through gardens, of a perfectly cooked pie, of bokeh-infused days on the lake, the perfect glass of wine in hand.

I spend 40 hours of my week in a chair (well, usually on a ball) in front of a computer with this guy at my left hand. My voice changes when I answer the phone and direct calls. I adopt my official title as I sign off on emails to heads of denominations. I so look forward to my lunch break where instead of strolling through the gardens nearby, I spend an hour with my friends sorting out all the problems of the world. Lunch is intentionally taken late so the time after lunch is short until 4:30 rolls around and I pack up and head off to the gym.

I am aiming, as I near the 100-days mark, to present a more real view of my life. I believe I am capable of taking decent shots of the underside of my life. I hope to present a more real version of my life, my days, and myself. Logos are going to start showing up. Junk food is going to flood this place. The couch, the tv remote, the dishes piled up, the dog hair on the floor – they’re all very real and dominating parts of my life, and I’m going to stop heading to the neighbor’s garden to hide those parts of my life.

That’s not to say the edited versions are going to stop completely. Farmer’s markets, raspberries in the backyard, my ridiculously beautiful dog, friends, family are also a huge part of my life and will absolutely keep showing up. Hell, you may see more of them. I am going to stop taking photos afraid (That said, I took out my camera in my local grocery store this evening, and was accosted by the security guard… won’t be doing that again.) and start showing off my fabulous life.

So, there you have it. Bam. Kind of 🙂

05 July 2011